When you are given a referral, make sure that

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you thank your contact and ask if you can use their name as an introduction.

The answer will almost always be yes but asking the question shows professionalism and may encourage your contact to recommend more leads and contact names.

Something like ‘Thank you, I really appreciate you referring [name] to me. Is it okay to use your name as an introduction?’ It may also be beneficial to add afterward, ‘That’s really helpful, does anyone else come to mind?’

It is also worth asking your contact if they have pre-warned the referral to expect a call? No-one likes a cold call especially when you stand such a good chance of developing a business relationship.

When you’ve permission to use your contact’s name, use it in an introduction: ‘My name is….., [contact name] suggested I contact you, so before I continue, [contact name] asked me to say hello.’ This is a phrase that will normally lead to a brief and personable exchange about your mutual contact prior to you moving into your information gathering motive for the call.

When you are successful with a referral, say thank you to your contact. If you do this verbally, it adds a nice touch to follow up with a thank you note or email which leaves a lasting impression and it just might get you further referrals.

For further information contact Philip Molden at Working Feedback on 01730 234526.