Getting Google to notice you through testimonials doesn’t need to cost the earth.Use your testimonials to get to Google Page 1

Here are 4 tips to using testimonials that will ensure Google (& new opportunity) notices you for the right reasons:

  1. Are you receiving customer testimonials? If not, put something in place. Clients are more than happy to give testimonials if you ask them. Feedback is a gift, accept it graciously & start working it (see The Value of Feedback)
  2. Make sure testimonials are added to your website regularly. Google is looking for changing content on websites. Ever noticed that most website testimonials aren’t dated? There’s a reason for that, someone adds them once & thinks that’s the job done until the next website update, remember Google is all about fresh content! Here’s a good example Alliott Wingham Accountants using an automatic testimonial feed on the Alliott Wingham Homepage
  3. Start posting testimonials through your social media such as Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. If you’re not yet using social media for your business, at least claim your business name, it’s free! Here’s an example of what we do with testimonials on our Twitter Working Feedback account
  4. Look at getting your customer testimonials listed through a third party such as an online directory, they add credibility & the trusted ones are likely to be well in with Google (you may even receive gold stars for your testimonials on Google). See our example of solcitor Sousa Richards on The Disc .

Use these strategies consistently & you’ll see results

If you don’t know where to start, the Working Feedback Online service can help do all of this for you at £50 per month. SAVE £300 on set-up costs if you sign up before the end of January 2012.

If you would like us to call you to talk through Please get in touch or phone us for free on 0800 043 2100.