The Working Feedback Web Badge & Bespoke Review Profile Page


Last week, we finalised the much awaited Working Feedback Badges and Review Profile Page, the biggest step forward in Working Feedback history for displaying reviews without any distractions from our directory websites or other company reviews. There are so many great features to explore which is why we’ve written this blog that will aim to teach you how to take full advantage of the Review Profile Page and its new options.

Where To Find The Feature And Add It To Your Website

This blog will show you where to find the code for Working Feedback badges to add to your website, so that when visitors click on your chosen badge it will open up to a stunning page exclusively for your business, displaying all your reviews, a breakdown of the ratings and the ability to like/share your reviews with their contacts and much more.

Step One: Log In To Your Dashboard And Find The Feature

To start things off, you’ll need to log in to your dashboard. Only Working Feedback clients have access to their Dashboard; if you don’t have your access details yet, contact us via the form at the bottom of this page or call on 0800 043 2100.

Once, you’re in, you need to to click on the ‘Get a link to your review profile page


Step Two: Choose Your Badge And Generate The Code

Once, you’ve clicked on this it will launch the page you need to select one of the Working Feedback badges. There are 4 badge styles in total, each with the option to include a review with the badge. This is where you can be clever with the review that displays; as the chosen badge can update each time a new review comes in or you can choose your favourite review which will display until such time that you decide to pick another.


When you’ve completed the 3 Steps and have a green tick on the page, it will generate the code. This is the code that you or your web developer needs to copy and add to your website.

A Brand New Review Page Giving You Genuine Credibility

So, now when visitors come to your website, notice and click the Working Feedback badge, they will be taken to a unique looking page containing all the credibility that they need to choose you. This is a perfect example of how best to show off your reviews and a powerful tool that will help you to convert browsers into customers.

Here are a few examples of live Review Profile Pages:


Care Home in Kent – Click Here

Dentist in Dorset – Click Here

Accountant in Gloucestershire – Click Here

Garage in West Sussex – Click Here

Training Company in Somerset – Click Here


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