Feedback is the gauge that shows if a company’s services are up to the mark or not.

It is essential to know what your clients really think and there is a simple way to do this…ask them.

Asking for feedback may be a sticking point for many businesses however if this is done through a third party the interaction could open up many gates for possibilities in gaining loyalty, constructive criticism and referrals.

Achieving worthy feedback from clients is about asking them the right kind of questions at the right time. The questions should be straight to the point and should not make the client reflect too much before answering. The probable answers to those questions should be such that when they are combined, they form strong feedback for the company.

Three commonly used questions, that have a high probability to be answered should be:

  1. What stood out about the services you received from this company?
  2. How would you rate their services [short descriptions relevant to the company’s key offerings]?
  3. What if anything could be improved upon?

Testimonials can be derived from the responses outlining why the client uses you, how your service helped them and that they would recommend you to others. Constructive comments can be more valuable than any other information received and when given in confidence can flag up problem areas otherwise missed until too late.

Client testimonials on a website add credibility to your company and the brand. They can also can be used as a marketing tool and be used to stand out against the competition.

The importance attached to client feedback can deliver the right kind of message to the existing and potential customers.

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