The Most Comprehensive Feedback Service


Whatever your business, there are certain customers that react to a particular method of contact; some prefer a brochure, some an email, some a text. Feedback is no different and if you’re asking them through a media that they have no interest in, they’ll ignore it. That’s why¬†Working Feedback has developed several methods of capturing customer reviews. Here are some of them:


Postage-Paid Feedback Forms

All of our forms have been revamped, including designing them in booklet style so it feels less like a form to generates candid, genuine comments rather than box ticking. In addition, they’re self-seal and giving your customers the confidence they really are confidential.

Email Feedback Requests

The Email Feedback Service is now one of our most popular methods. It’s all done simply by uploading a spreadsheet on to your Dashboard and pressing go! Then, the system handles everything else. We even send out reminders if your customer hasn’t responded. No paperwork, postage and ready when you are.

Text Message Requests

Everyone has their mobile to hand and when a text message comes in we all generally pick it up straight away.The Text Feedback requests are perfect for those business that deal with a high volume of customers or only require a brief response. For example, dentists have to generate a rating from their patients for NHS Treatments, this method is ideal.

Web Feedback Forms

If you depend on your website for attracting and updating customers, the website feedback form is perfect to sit within your site. It blends in with your own design and is an ideal way of getting customers to your website. It’s also important to know that any responses come to Working Feedback first to verify.

Website Corner Prompt

A subtle yet very visible graphic that is easily added to the top corner of your website. In one click a customer can get to your online feedback form. Yet another way of making visitors to your site aware that you are customer friendly and welcome feedback.

Email Signature Link

Many of our clients regularly ask us about adding a link to their own emails to encourage feedback. Previously, this has been a crude hyperlink that sometimes gets missed. Now, we’ve created a bold image that can be added in to your email signature to ensure that it gets noticed and makes leaving feedback a doddle.

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