Answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Does Working Feedback work for any business?

Yes, there isn’t a service or business that wouldn’t benefit from Working Feedback in some form. Whether it’s for collecting feedback, achieving compliance, generating referrals or raising your Google or social media profile. The service is currently available to any business or service in the UK.

How does Working Feedback help me to get feedback & referrals?

We have developed an impartial feedback system to collect reviews & referrals from your customer and contact base. There are a number of methods of feedback collection including branded feedback cards that come direct to Working Feedback. As a third party, we find that the response is much higher & customers are much more willing to respond (the cards are also postage paid).

What happens with the feedback?

We put it to work. Every piece of feedback is read and verified before it is made live. When we are satisfied, we make it work online by feeding it to your website, social media & Google. Care sector reviews are also fed through to CQC and NHS Choices. We send you an email whenever feedback has been received.

What if my business already has testimonials?

Working Feedback can take existing testimonials & put them to good use. As long as they are recent and can be verified they’ll be included.

What happens with negative feedback?

Any negative or constructive feedback about you is always verified before going live (as is positive). All reviews are made live provided they are genuine and lawful. We notify the relevant parties (i.e. reviewer and business) as soon as it is received giving the business the right to a public reply at any time. (Consistent negative feedback about a business may result in us cancelling the service we provide to you.)

Does Working Feedback help to meet any regulatory requirements?

Yes, the Working Feedback service helps those required to have a feedback system for compliance purposes.  The care sector regulator CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulates care homes, home care services, GPs, dentists, etc and our service will benefit care providers. Additionally, the financial services sector  e.g. financial advisers who adhere to FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Can testimonials be shown on my website?

Yes, Working Feedback provides a (RSS) code that feeds testimonials directly to your website. Once it is added, you won’t need to do anything else as it automatically updates your site each time we make a testimonial live. This also helps maintain regular content updates for Google.

Does Working Feedback help with Google rankings?

Yes, we do this by feeding your testimonials to a number of online sources. The internet loves regular content & this is exactly what Working Feedback does for you. The majority of our customers see an immediate benefit on Google through the feedback managed by us.

Care reviews are also fed to NHS Choices & CQC

How is The Disc Directory linked with Working Feedback?

www.thediscdirectory.co.nz is the on-line conduit for testimonials through Working Feedback and has a significant Google presence with over 6 million indexed pages. Testimonials are fed through The Disc which gives you a higher profile on Google.

How are testimonials fed to my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts?

We give you simple instructions on how to set up this automated process. Working Feedback can even help you get started if you don’t currently use social media.

Why is social media important?

Social media now recognises the importance of business involvement & companies use Twitter & Facebook as a marketing tool for raising their profile & communicating with existing customers & suppliers. It’s free, has lots of users & is becoming more popular for finding business services. Working Feedback ensures that your social media profile is regularly maintained by feeding your testimonials directly to your Twitter & Facebook.

How much does the Working Feedback service cost?

There are a number of options available. Most businesses are pleasantly surprised at how little the service costs. Please do contact us on 0800 043 2100 or see our Pricing page.

How long do we have to sign up for?

We don’t tie you in to any minimum contract. The service runs on a month by month basis with an initial set up fee and (ongoing) monthly payment. Cancellation is given by a month’s written notice.