The maxim ‘any PR is good PR’ does not always hold true when it comes to online business reviews.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of negative customer feedback on Google or one of the many ‘warts and all’ review websites you’ll know the impact it can have. Whether or not it’s justified it will affect your business.

So it stands to reason that whatever comments people see about your business the more likely they are to believe it.

If you care about your business reputation here are some steps you should be taking to make the positive feedback work for you on Google:

  •  Put a system in place to capture customer feedback so you have some element of control (see Positive Google Presence)
  • Make use of the testimonials that you collect by regularly updating them on your website (it will help Google to notice you by adding fresh content regularly) (See Reviews to your site)
  • Filter your testimonials through social media such as Twitter and Facebook (see Feed Reviews to Social Media)

Working Feedback is an all-in-one feedback and non-confrontational referral service which makes word of mouth massively scalable by feeding your testimonials through Google, through your website, through social media and all generated by your client base.

Unbelievably the full service is £50 (ex vat) per month giving you a non-confrontational way of asking for referrals and feedback. For February only, we’ve reduced our £300 (ex Vat) set-up cost by 50%.

Call Working Feedback to introduce a system for capturing referrals and testimonials on 0800 043 2100.