Help Your Customers To Build Their Business...It's Rewarding To Do So!

Thought About Becoming A Reseller?

Working Feedback helps businesses to gain direct insight on how people feel about their service, improve upon what they do and attract new business.

Imagine how rewarding it would be to see your customers generate new business through a service you introduced them to? How would that make you feel? Would they feel more loyalty towards your service?

We would like you to introduce our service to your contacts. Our impartial service generates customer feedback either by email, online or post, which is then moderated, and automatically posted to the customer website and shared on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn; so anyone involved can expect to see their search engine rankings improve and win new business!

But Why Would You Want To Do So?


Watch your customers grow – how rewarding is that?


Your customers grow – your business grows!


Introduce them to a service that works – could that increase loyalty towards you?


Service is relevant to any kind of business – from sole traders to the NHS!


Generate a financial reward for every business you introduce!

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