From the end of September 2014, a new look feedback statement will drop into your email inbox

How We’ve Improved Your Feedback Statementdocument
We’ve listened to client feedback and now understand that your monthly statement is one of the most important pieces of communication you receive from us.

So, we’ve redesigned it, to make it clearer and easier to use.


Your new look statement is designed to make the feedback information received easier to understand so that you can find the important information at a glance.

Supplied to you as a PDF attachment so that you can save it on your computer and/or print at the click of a button.

Looking for information about what has been said about your service and how it rates? We’ve put it in one easy-to-find place, separated into clear sections.

Any constructive feedback is also displayed into separate sections so that you’ve a documented record of the comments.

You’ve the ability to reply to any of the comments, which can also be made live to the public.

Tell Us What You Think?
There’s always room for improvement, so please do tell us what you think, what could we do better? Simply send your suggestions to E-Mail Working Feedback