Social Proof noun

Definition: ‘When a positive influence is created through the actions of others it can determine consumer behaviour. An effect where in an ambiguous situation an assumption is made based on the level of information visible about that business.’

Are you capturing the word of mouth from those with experience of you? What do you do with your testimonials, are you even collecting them? Is your website set up to handle customer feedback? What’s happening with your social media?

Take the Social Proof test

If you were a potential customer looking to use your business what would you find?

Working Feedback is an all-in-one feedback and referral service with the ability to make word of mouth massively scalable; through Google, through your website, through social media and all generated by your customers.

For February only, we’ve reduced our set-up cost by 50%. So, for £200 (ex vat) and then £50 (ex vat) per month you too can become Social Proof.

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