We all know that people like to complain when something has gone wrong, and it’s easy to do it publicly with the web these days.

Of course negative feedback is still important, but it needs to be managed.

The key to managing negative feedback lies within the way your feedback is collected.

So are you are collecting feedback through a live web page? If the answer to this is “yes” then that’s ok. But what about when someone posts something negative for all of your clients or customers to see?

The trick is to make sure all your feedback goes to you or to a third party feedback manager first. That way the negative and positive feedback can be sorted before it goes live for all to see.

This gives you an opportunity to address your negative feedback and resolve the complaint or problem directly. You can make sure that your team understand what happened, and how to avoid the same mistakes again. You could even turn an unhappy customer into a happy one.

Here are a few tips to encourage positive feedback:

  • Make your feedback web page readily available to your customers on site and ask them to fill it out.
  • Offer people an incentive to respond to feedback requests.
  • Make sure your feedback page is easy to see and to access

Remember, if you act on negative feedback that you receive, your business and customer service will improve.

So encourage your team to think of “negative” feedback as a positive opportunity to improve.

For further information please contact Philip Molden at Working Feedback on 0845 340 0038 or [email protected] / web:www.workingfeedback.co.nz