How To Ask Customers For Their Feedback By Email


This instalment of our Dashboard Functionality Blog shows you how to ask your customers for impartial feedback through Email. This service is easy to use for both you and your customers, all you have to do is upload some simple customer details and the Working Feedback service does the rest for you.

Where You’ll Find This Feature

This blog shows you where to find the Excel template so that when you’ve filled it in and uploaded it through your business dashboard, your customers will receive an email via Working Feedback asking for their feedback. When they respond our feedback team will moderate and verify it before uploading it onto our system.

Step One: Log In To Your Dashboard And Find The Feature

To start things off, log in to your dashboard. Only Working Feedback clients have access to their Dashboard; if you don’t have your access details yet, contact us via the form at the bottom of this page or call on 0800 043 2100.

Once, you’re in, you need to click on the ‘by sending email request(s) to your customers’ option in the menu:

Email Feedback (Image 1)

Step Two: Download And Fill In The Feedback Template

Once you’ve clicked on this it will launch the page you need to download our Standard Feedback Template. Once you’ve clicked to download this open it in Microsoft Excel. From here, you need to fill in all of the specified fields for all of the customers that you want to hear from. Save the document where you are likely to remember it.

Email Feedback (Image 2)

You can send feedback requests to as many customers as you choose as frequently as you wish. So, for example if at the end of the week you sit down and complete this for all the customers from that week it will save you time rather than doing them separately.

When filling in the spreadsheet, please note the fields:

  • Customer Name – put the name as you would like them to be addressed either ‘John’ or ‘Mr Smith’
  • Customer Email – the email address it is to be sent to
  • Service Description – this will be the title of the review (this helps with Google) e.g. Tooth Filling and cleaning
  • Date Used – this must be in the following format MM/YYYY so for June 2015 show 06/2015
  • Order No – this is only relevant if you identify customers by order or invoice numbers

Step Three: Upload Your Template

Go back to the Working Feedback website and click the ‘Upload File’ button. After you have done this, simply click continue to be taken to a summary page. Here, you can see all of the details of your chosen customers. Click ‘Send Emails’ to complete this process.

Email Feedback (Image 3)

Now That’s Done Just Wait For the Responses

Within a few minutes of you uploading your spreadsheet, Working Feedback will send out emails to everyone you’ve added, asking for their feedback. When they reply to us we moderate their feedback and put it straight onto our system.

The system will even send out two further reminders over a seven day period, if a customer hasn’t yet opened the email. Why not try sending an email feedback request to yourself first so that you can see what your customers will be receiving?


If you need further help with this service please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 043 2100 or email us below.

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