How To Add A Scrolling Reviews Widget On Your Website


The Scrolling Reviews Widget is perfect for showing off your latest reviews within the sidebar or Homepage of your website. Its distinctive colours and scrolling text draws attention to your testimonials.

Where You’ll Find The Scrolling Reviews Feature

This blog shows you where to find the Scrolling Review Widget and add it to your website, so that your visitors can see all of your latest feedback directly on your website.

Step One: Log In To Your Dashboard And Find The Feature

To start things off, you’ll need to log in to your dashboard. Only Working Feedback clients have access to their Dashboard; if you don’t have your access details yet, contact us via the form at the bottom of this page or call on 0800 043 2100.

Once, you’re in, you need to click on the ‘add a scrolling reviews widget’ option in the menu:

Scrolling Reviews Widget (Image 1)

Step Two: Implementing This Feature Via A Web Developer

If your website is managed by a web developer they will integrate this feature with minimal fuss. All you have to do is forward them the code that is generated on the screen and they’ll know what to do.

 Step Three: Implementing This Feature Yourself

If your website is designed using code then simply copy and paste the code on the screen into your HTML document at the point where you would like the widget to show. Alternatively, if your site is made using WordPress, Joomla or a similar CMS-based system then you can use the code as a standard text widget.

Scrolling Reviews Widget (Image 2)

Draw Attention To Your Testimonials

Your visitors will be drawn to your testimonials if they’re being displayed in our scrolling reviews widget. It’s eye-catching design will make sure that they see all the credibility that they need to choose you.  

Scrolling Reviews Widget (Image 3)










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