Do you ever think about an opportunity missed? How about the number of customers you’ve asked for a referral over the past four weeks?


Look at it another way, had you received just one referral and were successful in getting them on board what would it be worth your business? Multiply that by two, three, four referrals a month and suddenly these opportunities start to become more relevant.

If it’s the process that’s the problem make sure that you introduce a system asking for referrals from your customers. Otherwise, expecting customers to refer you when you’d like them to may be a wait too long.

See our article on Asking for Referrals, why not?

Working Feedback is an all-in-one feedback and non-confrontational referral service which then makes word of mouth massively scalable by feeding your testimonials through Google, through your website, through social media and all generated by your client base.

The service is £50 (ex vat) per month giving you a non-confrontational way of asking for referrals and feedback. For February only, we’ve reduced our £300 (ex Vat) set-up cost by 50%.

See How it all works.

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