exclamation-point_2When a Business needs to attract customers, boost their online profile and be more effective with social media, here’s what they do…


Every day, businesses are improving their customers’ experience, raising their online & social media presence and generating new enquiries.

With Working Feedback, they have access to exclusive tools, processes and knowledge – the exact same blueprint for online success – that we’re using to help all types of businesses to stand out to new customers and use word of mouth feedback to its full extent. And now, you can take advantage of this too.

With Working Feedback, your business will stand out head and shoulders above your competitors – and you’ll do it systematically and consistently.

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starThe UK’s most complete Feedback system, which is why we work with…

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What Does A Customer Look For When Choosing A Business?

In most cases, the search for a business service now starts online. If and when they find you, what will they see? Reviews and credibility are becoming important aspects. What do you do to build and promote hard earned reputation?  Using a third party service will only help you to build your credibility and online status, as well as helping you find out in confidence what you could be doing better.

Boost your Online Profile Within 30 Days  – Guaranteed


star_iconWe’ll give you the tools you need to quickly implement a system for capturing impartial customer feedback whatever your business – at the click of a button.

Our Feedback system – exclusive to Working Feedback members – gives you the ability to ask for feedback in the way that you prefer, ranging from simple email requests, website feedback forms to postage-paid, secure seal feedback forms.

Our managed process – means that all responses come to us first – allowing all comments to be moderated, considered and reviewed before anything else happens with them.

And our latest feedback tools satisfy a number of marketing requirements – a comprehensive feedback statement giving you the ability to demonstrate why somebody should be using you – and we do all this for you.



What’s more, you can also use the feedback to stand out from your competitors, so that customers choose you – based on your profile and reputation.

With our secure online Gateway, you’ll quickly gain access to the tools that allow you to display your moderated reviews on your website, which are then updated and refreshed automatically.

Search engines love content and when we feed your reviews to Google you’ll quickly move up the rankings – and stay there.

It gets better…when you use the Gateway, you have the choice to link reviews to your social media platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+. So, your followers, fans, contacts and circles get to see when customers are recommending you.



Learn what you’re doing well and get to hear what you could be doing better – before everyone else does.

The Gateway tools allow you to see all your feedback to date in the form of a pdf statement. The statement is automatically sent to you by email at the end of each month, as well as the option for you to produce a statement for whenever you choose.

We don’t stop there. Any constructive criticism received is fed to you in confidence, so that you have the opportunity to address and respond to those comments when it happens.

You get all these amazing tools…

What You GetOnline PlanPost & Online PlanCorporate Plan
Service Provision for1 Location1 LocationUp to 5 Locations
Website Feedback FormYesYesYes
Reviews Optimised for GoogleYesYesYes
Review Links to Social MediaYesYesYes
Postage-Paid Feedback FormsNoYesYes
Feedback ManagementYesYesYes
Email Feedback Request ServiceUp to 200 per monthUp to 200 per monthUp to 1,000 per month
Automated Review Feed to Your WebsiteYesYesYes
Automated Monthly Feedback StatementYesYesYes
Assistance with Website IntegrationLimitedYesYes

Attract New Customers Now From Just £35 per month!

Join Working Feedback today and Get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No Minimum term – cancel any time

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Working Feedback is the “secret Feedback weapon” behind many of the most customer focused businesses in the UK…

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Every month, ask your burning questions to our team – and get prompt expert replies

Here are some example questions – and the priceless replies…

This Working Feedback Member had a question about how they can be more proactive in getting feedback:

“Although we value and try to encourage customer feedback, it sometimes moves down the list of priorities; so we don’t capture comments at the right time. How can we get better, as we’re missing out on so many feedback opportunities?

Answer: We replied by walking them through the email feedback request service step by step so that they felt confident with the simple process and how little time it took on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We also gave them tips on the best time to ask for feedback as it could also result in new customer referrals.

This Working Feedback Member wanted to know what technical knowledge was required to add the automated review feed to their website:

“I’ve seen the testimonials feature working on a website and was really impressed but I always get jittery because of the cost and time when it comes to contacting my own web company. How difficult is it to add to my own website?

Answer: We replied by showing them the review feed examples in the online gateway and the simplicity of the code required. We also explained that almost anybody with a basic knowledge of websites could do this within 30-45 minutes.

This Working Feedback Member wanted to know what else they could be doing with their feedback:

“We are getting lots of feedback, which is really positive, and want to know how we can make more of it; is there somewhere that I can print off a full report?

Answer: We replied by showing them the area where the feedback statements can be downloaded either in their entirety or for a selected date range. Additionally, we gave them some tips on how the statements could be used for marketing purposes, staff meetings and even for compliance!

And this Working Feedback member just wanted to thank us!

“This is a very clever service bringing together all the elements that our business has difficulty in managing. Our reviews now have an impact through our website and social media platforms. We’ve seen an immediate increase in our online profile and have a sense of confidence that we can reach a much wider audience.

Answer: Amazing! We always love to hear of the success of our Working Feedback Members. Congratulations!


Attract New Customers Now From Just £35 per month!

Join Working Feedback today and Get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No Minimum term – cancel any time

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Don’t just take our word for it – see what these businesses are saying about Working Feedback…

As a direct result of using this service, we have generated more referrals which led to approximately £15,000 of new business. As we keep clients for a minimum of five years it is better valued at £75,000, many times more than we pay for the service.By having a testimonial system in place for our clients we are saving time and money which ensures that we keep the very high level of service demanded of us. The online testimonials have raised our profile in our local area. We are now implementing the social media and website feeds to ensure that our testimonials have an even greater online impact.

Mark Nolan

Director, Alliott Wingham

Testimonials are always wonderful to get and although we’ve displayed them in our office they weren’t being used to their best effect until Working Feedback. It has helped us make the most of regular testimonials, referrals and confidential feedback on what we could be doing better. This process has helped us identify how valuable a testimonial can be. Now that we have a pro-active system wholly managed, testimonials are fed directly to our website and through our social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook which all help us create an even greater internet impact. We also have the kudos of being able to market ourselves as the most recommended estate agent in the area by virtue of the service provided by Working Feedback.

Lizzie Burt

Manager, Chinneck Shaw Estate Agents

It works really well. We get lots of positive feedback, which is fed onto the website – Working Feedback upload it straight away. We hand out feedback forms from our reception desk and the forms go direct to Working Feedback; they automatically use the positive comments, and in the rare event when we get any negative feedback, we get an email so we can handle the issues raised.

The website also features a review rating score, which is regularly above 95%, further reassuring potential new patients. The independent, audited nature of the Working Feedback system is also valuable when it comes to ensuring the practice complies with its regulator. The Care Quality Commission are looking for a system of patient feedback, so this meets their requirements.

Dr Chris Matthews

Dentist, Blandford Gentle Dental

The Working Feedback system has worked well for us as it helped us to receive dozens of reviews in just the first two months that automatically show directly on our own website as well as posting that new feedback received to our social media channels. In our sector, impartial feedback is essential and their system ensures that this feedback has been passed on to the CQC. All the above with very minimal input from ourselves. The Working Feedback team provided great support in setting up the services and I am confident that provided we continue to encourage our clients to give the feedback it will be of great benefit to Gardiner’s.

John-Joe Cottam

Managing Director, Gardiner's Nursing & Homecare

We use the feedback service, which we give out to all our customers, both on the sales and service
side of the business which gives us an indication as to the level of service we provide. Working Feedback receives the reviews direct, then takes the customer comments to create testimonials for the Vision website. Positive responses are also fed into the dealership’s Twitter stream and Facebook page. A positive stream of results also indicates that the dealership is on track to score highly when the Vauxhall quality audit takes place. We have 190 reviews on the site now – that gives people reassurance online.  In addition to being streamed to the website and social media, the reviews are listed in full on the Disc Directory website, providing an additional point of contact via the internet.

George Partou

Marketing and CRM Manager, Vision Vauxhall

In a regulated industry, the need to demonstrate competence and compliance is essential, and Working Feedback delivers a system that meets the regulatory requirements. CQC features heavily in the way we work. We need to have a system of patient feedback, and to show how we have reacted to that feedback and any issues

Few of us enjoy a visit to the dentist, and so the customer testimonials provide another level of reassurance to nervous patients. We have a testimonial book, but so many people are using the internet, it’s good to have them online. Once Working Feedback receives new testimonials directly from patients, these are automatically uploaded to the practice website. All we have to do it ask people to fill in the forms – Working Feedback takes care of the rest.


Sharon Nanson

Practice Manager, Titchfield Dental Health

Attract New Customers Now From Just £35 per month!

Join Working Feedback today and Get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No Minimum term – cancel any time

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You also get these valuable resources…


star_iconQ+A and Knowledge base

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve a question that you need resolving there and then? We don’t hide behind a website and have real people on hand with valuable experience of feedback, social media, websites and marketing. So, pretty much anything that you throw at us will be handled as professionally as possible.


Full access to our knowledge base of Feedback Tips

This is where we share our tips and experience in getting the very best out of feedback. These are regular updates and news on what’s new that you can incorporate into your working environment.


‘How To’ Videos available to access

We make our tools as simple as possible to use and implement but sometimes a ‘How To’ Video or examples of other businesses using the service can be really enlightening.

Attract New Customers Now From Just £35 per month!

Join Working Feedback today and Get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No Minimum term – cancel any time

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