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Win more private clients

Our service has evolved over the past eight years and with CQC & NHS Choices feeds in place, there is every reason for you to come on board and win more private clients.

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Staying compliant

The only feedback service you will ever need, and a free bed vacancy service as well…..

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Update your Web Site

It’s very simple we will send you instructions so that you can show all of your feedback on your very own website, it happens automatically and helps with all of the search engines.

Choose either the ticker tape or the full page version.

It will also help with phone sales conversion.

Social Media

Are you keeping your social media, facebook and twitter upto date, now you do not need to worry because we will do it for you, its simple and straightforward, because we do it all for you, inclusive

Legally Compliant

We help keep you legal by collecting feedback and not only that we will feed it to NHS Choices website for them to show it as well.

We also feed all published feedback through to Care Quality Commission for them to add to your Quality & Risk profile helping them to build a better picture of you and your team.

Remember feedback will help you show compliance in all outcomes. ie when we are told in the feedback how good your menu is for instance

Feedback Forms

Our feedback forms are the most secure in the industry and have been co-developed by NHS Choices to ensure quality in all aspects of the feedback being asked for.

You will also see we are a CQC Share Review Partner and stating this on the form gives your organisation a real boost as it is seen to be working with the industry regulator over and above others in your vicinity.


Using our social media plug ins you can really get your message saying you deliver great care out into the big world, in a very transparent fashion

Worldwide Feedback


Our feedback service helps you to stay legal and compliant, with feeds to both NHS and Care Quality Commission, “this service alone is worth the money” comments care home owner Julian Hitchcock

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