Estate Agent case study

Portsmouth local estate agent and team member Chinneck Shaw has been using WorkingFEEDBACK service for over four years now and uses the service as an essential business tool for collecting and managing testimonials.


Lizzie Burt, Manager at Chinneck Shaw says ‘testimonials are always wonderful to get and although we’ve displayed them in our office they weren’t being used to their best effect until WorkingFEEDBACK. It has helped us make the most of regular testimonials, referrals and confidential feedback on what we could be doing better. WorkingFEEDBACK has helped us identify how valuable a testimonial can be.


Now we have a pro-active system wholly managed by WorkingFEEDBACK. Testimonials are fed directly to our website and through our social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook which all help us create an even greater internet impact. We also have the kudos of being able to market ourselves as the mot recommended estate agent in the area by virtue of the service provided by WorkingFEEDBACK.


WorkingFEEDBACK has helped us to incorporate feedback as part of our marketing strategy. ‘


Chinneck Shaw Estate Agents uses the branded testimonial cards to good effect by finding out what clients felt about the service upon completion, which is often when they are at their happiest, rather than two or three weeks later.


As a direct result of using WorkingFEEDBACK service Chinneck Shaw is saving time and money by ensuring that they keep the very high level of service demanded of them. The testimonials through WorkingFEEDBACK has also raised their profile in the local area.