Why Claim Your Most Recommended Listing?

When you claim your business listing you gain control and open up the many benefits of the Working Feedback service ensuring that you’re noticed online including gaining stronger credibility on Google, NHS Choices, CQC, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and your own website.MR_general_logo

This means that each time a review is received and verified through our service it goes to multiple prominent channels.

How To Claim Your Listing

Registration is quick and easy and you need only do this once. Find your business on the relevant Most Recommended website (in alphabetical order):

(The above list is just a selection of the Most Recommended sites. If your sector is not here, please contact us directly.)

Now do the following:

  • Find your business on the appropriate Most Recommended website & click on your business. Choose ‘CLAIM LISTING’ tab
  • Click on ‘REGISTER’ and complete your details REMEMBER your email & password then click ‘Create account
    • You will then receive an email from Working Feedback confirming your Registration
    • Once you have received this ‘Log in’ and set up the relevant information
claim_listing_tab register_tab Create_account log_in_details My_Profile_page


Further information

For further details on the registration process or the rest of the exciting new functionality please contact Support Department at Working Feedback directly on 0800 043 2100.