Care providers in the adult care and support sector can now get feedback on their services after a tie-up up between two businesses based in the south. has joined forces with Working Feedback to provide a comprehensive system for care providers nationwide which will help them to achieve a key Care Quality Commission requirement for collecting customer feedback. already provides a wide range of services to businesses in the care sector across the country as well as helping people looking for particular services to find what they need close to where they need it.

Working Feedback, which is based in Hampshire, provides businesses with a system that allows their clients to provide comments and feedback on the services they have received, give a grading for the service they provide and give business referrals.

The Care Quality Commission is implementing a new inspection process and has introduced new requirements for providers in the care and support sector, and one of those is to seek customer views and collect feedback about the service they provide.

Rob Osborne of said the requirements on providers from the Care Quality Commission were a challenge for many of them to achieve.

“Many of these businesses have not sought feedback in a structured way in the past but now they have to, and they will be inspected on it,” he said.

“In the past the Care Quality Commission tended to gather feedback as part of their inspection in addition to providers carrying out an internal survey.  For the customer it has meant duplicating paperwork. We’ve been asked on numerous occasions to provide a scoring and feedback system on because people looking for services like to hear about experiences from real people. So in addition to meeting the Care Quality Commission’s outcome 16 this is also a powerful tool for those providers delivering services and seeking new business.

“Our tie up with Working Feedback means that the reports will be provided in precisely the format that the inspectors want to see it and will provide our members with key information to manage their businesses.

“We are delighted to be working with Working Feedback on this project which should make it much easier for people in the care sector to gather and record their feedback, and at the same time promote what they have to offer to people looking for a particular service.”