Feedback on care homes and domiciliary care providers has long been a mechanism solely for the purposes of monitoring and compliance.

Too many opportunities are missed to take the positive elements of feedback to raise the profile of the care provider and improve the morale of key staff working within the industry. Now the service offered through Working Feedback does just that.

The feedback process helps

meet the requirements for CQC Outcome 16 for feedback and goes much further for the nursing home and care provider. Working Feedback manages the feedback responses and then makes best use of online marketing by feeding testimonials directly through a number of online sources.

Postage paid feedback cards returned to Working Feedback

Working Feedback gives care homes the facility to include a rolling testimonials feature so that each time a testimonial is received it updates automatically on their website. This feature brings real value as well as helping raise the profile within Google, see how Hampshire based Wisteria Lodge Nursing Home uses this on their Homepage

Social media for business is now standard practice and feedback is also fed through the Working Feedback service to ensure that Twitter and Facebook is kept updated when new testimonials are received.

An impartial source such as Working Feedback is considered a real boon for an industry often in the spotlight for the negative elements of care.

For further guidance on how Working Feedback can work within your environment contact Philip Molden on 01730 234526.