IRUN has always advocated the power of feedback and testimonials, and has now teamed with Working Feedback to offer you a simple solution that ensures your testimonials do what they are supposed to do… which is publish great words about your business to the big wide world, and at the same time provide inbound links to your website which are essential for your websites performance in Search Engines.

We all know that receiving feedback and testimonials from customers is the only way to really know if a business is performing well or not. Feedback is an essential piece of collateral that a business owner can use to establish which bits of a business needs attention, which staff need additional training, which products or services need updating, if pricing is competitive and a whole host of other information to be used in business planning…

In addition, the words customers use in testimonials will give potential clients that warm fuzzy feeling they will need to decide who is the best provider of the services or products they need.

The question is, are your customer testimonials working as hard for your business as they should be?Always supposing you pluck up the courage to ask for a testimonial in the first place where do they go? Are they lost in your email system somewhere? Do you save them in a folder never to be seen again? Do you tuck them in your pocket and say “wow, thanks, what lovely words”?

How does it work?

Well… you are provided with customer feedback cards which have all the information on them required to solicit the right information for your testimonial on one side, and a freepost address on the other. Your customers don’t have to do much at all… just fill in the card and pop it in a postbox – SIMPLES! What happens next is the clever bit… the feedback cards are posted directly back to The Disc Directory, who filter them and post only the good ones on their Directory website (and this is no small-scale online directory, it has over 2 million businesses listed).  No… no… it doesn’t stop there! The testimonials then automatically populate your website by RSS feed – so people who are visiting your site are viewing up to the minute feedback on your company.  AND as if that weren’t enough… they are also fed into social media, Twitter, Facebook etc… to spread the word even further. In addition, there is also a referral field on the form, so if your customer can think of someone they know who need your products or services, you then have a nice warm lead to call to discuss their requirements.

Why would your customers want to do this?

Well hopefully you would have given them exemplary service and/or products! And to give them a little push in the right direction you could offer them a little incentive… a freebie or a special offer just to help them remember as they pass the postbox. Then of course you will have their contact details and a very good excuse to communicate with them again. All part of the master plan Wink to get customers coming back to you time and again.