Working Feedback is delighted to announce the implementation of an online feedback service on the Business Biscotti website.


With over 70 group locations (with a further 20 groups in planning) Business Biscotti understands the importance of impartial feedback and has introduced the Working Feedback service to help grow through the views of its guests and members.

Sue Reeves, Sales and Marketing Director at Business Biscotti comments ‘we have been absolutely delighted with the service provided by Working Feedback and our Business Biscotti groups are now starting to add their feedback from the groups which will in turn bring new members along‘.

How the feedback works

Each group has its own feedback page which sits on the Business Biscotti website. The feedback service is managed by Working Feedback and no information goes live until verified. Feedback is received and then:

  • The ratings contribute to a star rating on the Google search results for each group raising the profile of the group (e.g. search on Google for ‘business biscotti Mayfair’ to see 5 stars in Google)
  • ‘What stands out about the group?’  this is published throughout the internet, social media, The Disc Directory (part of Working Feedback) and on Business Biscotti website
  • ‘What could they improve upon?’ this information does not go live and remains anonymous when passed back to Business Biscotti to address
  • ‘Referral section’ there is the ability for guests and members to refer the Biscotti group to their peers and contacts

Working Feedback Managing Director, John Pemberton says of the partnership ‘Working Feedback and the Business Biscotti team are looking forward to passing lots of referrals and testimonials. This is a real asset to Biscotti and already having an impact on raising the profile for group‘.

Further information is available at Working Feedback on 0800 043 2100.