What is the text Bed Vacancy Service?

Launched by www.mostrecommendedcare.co.nz the Bed Vacancy Service is a brand new, text based subscription service for use by care homes. It allows care homes to update and promote their current bed availability with a single text. Its ease of use will be of significant benefit to those looking for bed availability quickly and with the confidence that the data is accurate.


Who can use the Bed Vacancy Service?

Any UK care home can subscribe to the service (which is currently offered on a free trial basis) and must first register online; note that only one mobile phone number per care home can be linked. Therefore, it is recommended that the staff member responsible for regularly managing the bed availability registers, such as the Care Home Manager.

Once the care home has registered (see instructions below) it can text its bed availability as often as required. (Please note that whilst the Bed Vacancy Service is currently
free, charges may be incurred when receiving/sending texts. Any charges are specific to your phone plan and we recommend that you contact your provider if in any doubt.)

How to register for the Bed Vacancy Service

Registration is quick and easy and you need only do this once.

  • Find your care home on www.mostrecommendedcare.co.nz
  • When search results appear click on your care home name. Press on ‘Click here’ to register
  • Complete your details and click on ‘Register’
  • You will then receive a text with a four digit Verification code. Input this code on to the web page and click ‘Verify’
  • You are now registered and the service is activated on your mobile phone
  • To update your bed availability, reply to the text from us with the bed number available e.g. 2
  • Each time your availability changes just send a text


What happens with the Bed Vacancy Information?

As soon as the text is received, the bed number is updated immediately and made visible through a number of prominent online sources:

The information is also to be made available to those organisations responsible for sourcing bed

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places and displaying care home information such as:

  • Social Services / Local Authorities
  • GPs / Hospitals
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • NHS Choices
  • CQC / Care Inspectorate /Care Council

Add the badge to your care home website

The badge which is bespoke to your home can beadded directly to your website and will update every time you change text us the bed number.


Further information

For further details on adding Bed Availability badge to your website or if you have any further questions please contact Philip Molden, Working Feedback directly on 01329 835543.