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Mark Nolan

Director, Alliott Wingham Accountant

Our goal is to help you through the steps to becoming a successful reseller by adding real value to your clients and generating income through Working Feedback.

Feedback and reviews are now commonplace when choosing a service but even more so in your sector as it is also a CQC requirement for compliance purposes. Relying upon your own survey processes can be both time-consuming and costly and you can’t always be sure that it is seen as independent.

A Trusted Review Source

Working Feedback is an approved CQC Review Partner (as well as NHS Choices) which means that reviews collected through this service will be shared with the CQC, enabling the Commission to build a clearer picture of the standard of care people receive from services like yours.

The CQC will add your reviews to everyhting they know about you and go towards building the CQC Quality and Risk Profiles (QRPs), the tools used to monitor compliance of the essential standards of quality and safety. This information will become part of the decision making process on when, where and what to inspect.

Here’s what you’ll benefit from:

Tick_mark An impartial feedback collection system that manages, moderates & shares your reviews with CQC and NHS Choices.
Tick_mark A number of methods that will help you collect reviews including a supply of 75 postage-paid forms co-developed with NHS Choices.
Tick_mark  Online tools that help to promote your reviews though Google, NHS Choices, your own website and social media e.g. Twitter / Facebook.

A Feedback Service that complies with your needs

The service  is £35 per month with a one-off set up cost of £300. Sign up today using the coupon code ‘CQC150‘ and you’ll save yourself 50% on the set up cost when you buy online.