4 Steps for a Successful Affiliate

Registering as an Affiliate is the easy part.

Our goal is to help you through the steps to becoming a successful affiliate and generating income through the scheme.

Initially, the document and email templates have been placed in Dropbox (a free online file sharing package) and on approval as an affiliate you will be invited to join giving you complete access to the folder.

The following resources will give you a great start:

Step 1. Website Banners & Text Links

Choose from the many banners and links within the ‘Affiliate Area’ that have your personalised Affiliate ID. Displaying these on your website or within emails will help direct your clients to the Working Feedback Landing Page for further information and sign up as a customer.

Deep Link Web Banner Examples

Step 2. Recommendation Letters

Being able to endorse a service goes a long way in terms of credibility. Contacting your client base to let them know about the Working Feedback and how it will help will be a good introduction to the service There are 2 letters and emails that you can adapt.

Step 3. Email Templates

Different elements of the Working Feedback service will resonate with your clients. We have created a folder with 12 email templates covering the benefits derived from using the service, ranging from social media, Google presence to referral generation. Please feel free to adapt them as you wish.

Step 4. Marketing Activity Plan (12 Weeks)

You may have already decided how you will market Working Feedback to your clients but as a guide we have put together some strategies and a timeline to work to. We hope it will put some structure to your activities.

If we can help at any time to answer questions or restructure a deal please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 043 2100.

Thank you for joining the Working Feedback Affiliate Program, we wish you every success in generating a regular income.

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