How important are referrals to your business? If like many professionals, you rely on them why aren’t you doing more to get them?

Word of mouth in business is what makes you grow; the only problem is if left to its own devices word of mouth will saunter along at it’s own pace. That pace often won’t bring in new business consistently month after month; make it happen.

When working with clients asking for customer referrals should be a no-brainer, but remember to be assumptive. They’re using your services because they trust you.

When talking with them, try this tack in part of your conversation:

  • ‘Like yours, my business grows by word-of-mouth and I’d like to ask, who do you know that would also appreciate the (benefits of my service)?’

Even asking prospects and suppliers for referrals should be part of your business development strategy.

  • Something like ‘I look forward to hoping to introduce our service/continuing to work with you in the future. I’ll follow up with you in (xx months). In the meantime, I know from experience that many people I talk to often know others that might need or want (my service benefits). Who do you know of that might be a good fit for this?’

The important point here is to recognise that not everyone will give you a customer referral but that you ask for one.

Asking for customer referrals is about making a habit of it. Practice doesn’t make perfect it makes PERMANENT. You’ll only see results if you do it.

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