We’ve all been to that restaurant where one element spoils the whole experience. When asked ‘How was your meal’, what did you reply?

So when customers give you feedback, how do you know that you’re getting an honest answer?

There is an impartial feedback service from Working Feedback that you use to collect this information from your clients. It works as you’re asking in a

non-confrontational way and all responses come back to us first as a third party.

Constructive feedback is captured in confidence so you get to find out what could have been done better and where to focus your efforts.

So, if you want to know what your clients really think about you and how you can improve your business How it all works

Working Feedback is an all-in-one feedback and non-confrontational referral service which makes word of mouth massively scalable by feeding your testimonials through Google, through your website, through social media and all generated by your client base.

Start capturing all of this for your business from £50 (ex Vat) per month!

Make sure that any future constructive feedback comes through your clients rather than the internet.