Relax, we take care of it

1. A managed feedback service

Working Feedback gives you the tools  for collecting impartial feedback and referrals from your clients consistently. The Working feedback service manages the testimonials, referrals and candid feedback in confidence on your behalf.

2. Guaranteed testimonials

Use the Working Feedback service and you’ll get feedback; if not we’ll give you the service FREE for a further 12 months! (See ‘Our Guarantee’)

3. higher Google profile guaranteed

Our profile on the internet is significant (120 million hits in 2011), Google pays attention to the content that we feed out. Businesses using our service improve their Google rankings. Your testimonials can even achieve Google star ratings, just ask for some online examples!

4. Feedback direct through your website

The ability to leave and show feedback on your website adds real value. We provide you with a bespoke feedback form allowing clients to leave feedback and referrals as well as a tailored RSS feed which updates directly and shows your testimonials on a rolling basis. Everything is read before it goes live so you don’t have to worry about what’s being left.

5. Get referrals

Almost every business is guilty of not asking existing clients for new business leads. We give you a proven mechanism to ask for referrals from your clients and let’s face it, a referral in this manner gives you a higher probability of winning their business. What value do you put on the ability to receive genuine referrals?

6. We make Social media work harder for you

Social media has fast become a must have tool for business, yet the majority don’t know where to start or how to maintain valid activity. Working Feedback creates testimonial feeds to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so that it updates your accounts automatically with your impartial testimonials. We will even help you set up social media accounts if required.

7. Meet regulatory compliance

Our independent feedback service helps you meet industry compliance requirements such as the Care Quality Commission, Financial Services Authority or Solicitors Regulation Authority. As it is managed by us we can provide you with monthly reporting showing the feedback comments received.

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