If you want to stay competitive as an accountant, you have to stay on top of what your clients are thinking.

What stands out about the accountancy service you provide? What could you be doing better? And, most importantly, would they recommend you to other business contacts?

An unhappy client will usually contribute very little to your development or just goes elsewhere. Instead of watching those clients stagnate, start talking to them, get their feedback, and put it into action.

Feedback is achievable in numerous ways:

One area where accountants often fall down is their promotion of testimonials. Don’t keep them static, make sure they’re updated regularly on your site (via an RSS feed). Feed testimonals to your social media.

Don’t be afraid of telling your clients about your feedback; if it’s good promote it through your newsletters, marketing materials, email comms. If it’s constructive feedback demonstrate to your clients how you’ve improved the way you do things based on their feedback.

Finally, don’t forget to thank clients for feedback they’re doing it because they care!

For further details contact Philip Molden at Working Feedback on 01730 234526.